We value systematic approaches when dealing with our programs, which is why we have developed a 4-phase process that will deliver proven results to optimize your website and increase your ROI.

Our SEO Process

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Your existing website structure will be analyzed
  • We will study the frequency of your website’s Google indexing, as well as the current ranking
  • The age of your domain and how long it has been registered will be studied so that we can evaluate your inbound link popularity and internal linking
  • Relevant meta tags, h1 tags, and Google content will be analyzed
  • Which keywords drive traffic to your website right now?
  • Who are your competitors for primary keywords?
  • How often is content added or revised?
  • We will study dynamic pages and URL names that are incorrect and outdated

Phase 2: Analysis

  • After reviewing your keywords, we will come up with new keywords that take popularity and relevance into consideration
  • Your website structure will be revised, as well as the website content
  • Should you have potential inbound links with other targeted websites that can be built, we will develop and review these opportunities as well
  • We will draft an action plan for the campaign

Phase 3: Implementation

  • We will conduct an Initial Strategy Meeting and assign an Account Manager for you
  • Primary keywords, meta-tags, h1 tags, and site maps will be finalized
  • Quality, high-value links will be launched with link acquisition campaign
  • We will create targeted articles and directory submissions for relevance

Phase 4: Management

  • Our Initial, Onsite Optimization Reports and Bi-Weekly Ranking Reports will help you keep track of your progress once the campaign is live, as well as monthly calls and anytime-consultations with your Account Managery
  • We will continue to create targeted content and relevant linksy
  • Your Action Plan will be reviewed regularly

For More Information

To find out how Global Media Groups can help you generate leads, traffic and brand awareness, please contact us at 773-791-4363 or info [@] globalmediagroups.com.