The digital world has shifted from desktop to mobile, and with our proprietary technology and targeted campaigns, we can connect to users on the go and beyond.

Instant Mobile Converstions

No matter where your customers are, we can and we will reach them. With advertising initiatives made through mobile devices, we can add layers of creative complexities with responsive and customizable ads that offer users the best mobile experience. To make sure that you’re seen where you should be, our mobile optimization services include the following to reach your target customers:

  • Additional Creative
  • A/B Testing
  • Mobile Behavior Analysis

Mobile Search focuses on the following:

  • Mobile-specific landing pages with precise and tailor-made ads around it to optimize mobile app downloads
  • Monitors mobile traffic and converts from a different device
  • Uses call extensions to pair with mobile ads
  • Uses “Voice Search” keywords efficiently
  • Performs mobile behavior analysis and activity tracking for better understanding of your market

Why Mobile advertising?

  • Of all local search, over half of those are done on mobile units
  • With every mobile search, 2 follow-up actions are triggered
  • Every week, 72% of tablet owners buy online through their units
  • Additional actions and conversions are triggered from 73% of mobile searches
  • More than half of conversions from store visits, phone calls or purchases occur in just an hour
  • During the Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments Study, 65% of responders noticed the placed ads
  • More than half of people find mobile ads useful, and more and more users will be switching to mobile by the end of the year alone

For More Information

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