Helping local businesses get found. How can Maps help your business?

Increase website traffic

  • Your business information must be on your first page.
  • Our service guarantees that your rank on the first page of SERPs.
  • Need to stand out from the crowd? We’ve got you covered.

Reach Wider Audiences – Be Seen, Be Found

  • In a particular area, 183% of online searches are made for local businesses.
  • 270% of all mobile searches convert to actual calls to the establishment, and a whopping 59% of them actually come visit.
  • Before even making a purchase, 389% of consumers research products online first.


Why is Google Maps Critical For Local Businesses?

Make sure that the content of your domain has relevant keywords when it comes to the service location and geographic location. Don’t forget that “Contact Us” page as well.

Claiming And Optimizing Your Google Listing

Google Places is exactly what it sounds like—and your business’ physical place needs to be there. To generate local attention and get people to visit you, you have to appear in the Maps with an optimized listing.

Why Should You Claim Your Listing?

Claiming and verifying your Google Places listing not only ensures your users that they are in the right place, but it also provides the people looking for you an official and authoritative source of information regarding where they can find you. You can gain ownership of your listing, correct inconsistencies, and add content to make the user experience more pleasant for anyone who is looking.

What Should You Optimize?

An optimized listing includes completed required fields as well as optional information in the fields. Be thorough, accurate, and relevant when it comes to your keywords. Sprinkle a little bit of those keywords here and there as naturally as possible when filling out your Description field. Correct any inconsistencies such as map markers, and get rid of any duplicate listings showing incorrect information.

Check Accuracy of “NAP”

Once again, keep your Name Address & Phone Number (NAP) information as accurate as can be at all times. The wealth of information easily accessible on the Internet means that there is a tendency for data to be incorrect and inconsistent. Always make sure that every appearance of your NAP online is the same so as not to confuse your users and to avoid the risk of looking like spam or a dummy establishment. Be professional and official.

Your Business Description

Think of your business description as a pitch to a client—it should be catchy, concise, accurate, and incredibly well-written. Why should a potential customer use your products and services? Be compelling and brief—all while keeping your essential keywords in mind.

Hours of Operation

Optimize your business listing with correct business hours that’s complete and accurate. Your existing and potential customers need to know right away when they can visit you if they ever need to, so you need to make sure that the information is readily available for them.

Add Photos And Videos

Images and videos are always effective when it comes to attracting customers to your site. These visual aids make a big impact in drawing customers in towards your website, and if they’re attracted enough, they’ll explore your pages further and maybe even share a link or two.

Select Your Service Categories

Categories make everything easier for your potential customers. To further specify about your products and services, you need to select the proper service categories in your Google listing. With Google, you can include five categories to help describe your business further.

Looking Forward: Dominating Google Maps Is More Than Just An Optimized Listing 

Google has plenty of additional factors when generating search rankings. Just because you have one optimized listing doesn’t mean it’s enough to place you at the top of the Maps pack. You should be relevant, be as close as possible to a certain user’s search parameters, be close in proximity and distance, be prominent, and be well-known. If your company is listed in major directories, this certainly helps your prominence and trustworthiness—provided that your NAP is consistent everywhere on the Web. Angie’s List, Citysearch, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, and Yelp are all helpful places to optimize your listing.

Local Marketing Services along with Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

It may be difficult for some businesses to run a full-scale online marketing campaign, especially when budget constraints are in place. For brick-and-mortar businesses with mobile service delivery in a local area, our optimization of your Google Places listing will help you increase your sales and speed up your ROI the most cost-effective way possible.

Ads in the Yellow Pages just won’t cut it anymore in this increasingly online world. Local businesses need to be optimized with their listings in Google Places so that potential customers can find you online when you’re ranked at the top of the results in SERPs. It’s also important to have an extensive local SEO program in order to capture the market of those users who are on the go. When customers search for establishments while in transit—in their cars or on road trips—it’s essential that you appear in the search results of where they actually are physically at the time of the search.

Location is everywhere, even in the World Wide Web. You want to be at the busiest intersections where all the cars are whizzing by, and not on the remote sidelines where nobody ever goes and sees you. Placing your business on Google organic search results and Google Places will indubitably lead to exponential success.

  • 90% of Google searches are done when looking for local business
  • Traffic increases by 89% when businesses are on Maps (Organic) and Paid search
  • 60% of searches are on mobile devices.
  • On mobile searches, Maps appears below ads and optimized websites as well as on computer and laptop searches.
  • There is zero cost-per-click on a Maps listing for local SEO.
  • We guarantee that in the first four months of this campaign, your website will place on first page listings.
  • We have a month-to-month contract will all clients.

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