The rise of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones means that people are becoming more and more on-the-go. WiFi is easily accessible anywhere, and because consumers are searching for establishments while they’re in transit, local search results are now more significant than ever before.

What Is Included In A Successful Local SEO Strategy?


Our Local Maps Fusion solution sweetens the local SEO deal for you. Our in-house proprietary technology has shaped the growth of local SEO campaigns, and if you want your business to be at the forefront of local searches, we’ve got the right tools for the job.

“NAP” Consistency

As mentioned before, your NAP consistency is central to your search engine ranking. We cannot stress any further how much the consistency of your information matters across all platforms—every citation down to the last detail, letter, and period must be the same.

Locally Optimized Landing Pages

Your home turf is where your home court advantage lies, and if you can’t top the charts there, how will you be able to rank on top elsewhere? Wherever your business is physically located, we can make sure that you have locally optimized landing pages with unique content in order to help you place first on every SERP.

Mobile Friendly Site Design

Everyone has had his or her frustrating encounter with a website that fails to load properly on a mobile device. The mistake of not having mobile-friendly website designs can prove fatal especially since visitors of your website will not tolerate annoying desktop versions when they are loading your page on a phone’s tiny screen. If your website has too many Flash animations or cannot resize screens, you will most definitely lose customers instantly.

Optimized Google+ Listing

Google is everything in this internet-driven world, so your Google+ page is key to ranking first in search results. Want to secure a spot in the Maps pack? Then make sure that all information is updated and optimized on your Google+ page.

Local Reviews

While it’s true that positive reviews make you golden, never solicit reviews in exchange for discounts and free gifts. This is tantamount to buying reviews, and this kind of treachery to your customers never ends well. Just be sure to provide top-notch products and services instead, and the good reviews will come flowing in.

Local Address

Virtual offices may give off the image that your business is everywhere, but when it comes to search engine optimization, these types of post office boxes will not work. You will only rank well in local search results if your business is actually and physically in that local area. Your physical presence is required, so make sure that your street address is 100% legitimate.

Work With An Experienced Local SEO Agency

Local rankings mean the world to Internet-driven customers who are constantly moving from place to place. More and more results are becoming even more targeted and relevant, so why not let us do the hard part for you? Partnering with us will boost your local SEO in the most cost-effective way possible in order to make your business thrive and stand out among the rest.

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